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TREATMENTs for musicians

specialized treatments for professional musicians' needs

violin massage for musicians David Elge

massage for musicians

instrument-specific treatments

Massage for professional musicians tailored to each specific instrument and its particular demands on the body. A variety of techniques are available, from osteopathic methods to deep-tissue massage.

Singers, violinists, wind and brass players often suffer from jaw tension, which can also result from loud volume. Using cranio-sacral and other techniques, this massage can help relieve tension that can lead to tinnitus.

Woman getting a head massage at a spa

head and jaw massage

relief for singers, violinists, and others

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for performance anxiety and well-being on stage

Reduces stress and distractions while performing; alleviates tension and inner conflict before concerts and promotes self-confidence and focus. To make a consultation appointment, please use the contact form.

TREATMENTs for well-being

a variety of treatments for a variety of needs

Sandy Beach

the california massage

holistic flowing massage with joint release techniques

A flowing, gentle massage that releases pent-up joint tension and leads you subtly into a state of deep relaxation

Release powerful head and jaw tension that can lead to tinnitus or migraines

Woman getting a head massage at a spa

head and jaw massage

for headaches, TMJ and overall tension


 apres-sport massage

for skiiers, hikers, bikers, and other athletes

A treatment for increased mobility: regenerate after a long day skiing, hiking, biking, or whatever you've been doing. Includes lymph drainage to ease muscular metabolism. 

Brings your inner organs into alignment, helps you regenerate and recuperate after an illness or stressful period.

Foot Reflexology


foot massage

Blue Water

lymph drainage

treatment to reduce swelling

Aids muscular metabolism and helps to transport acid out of the system; supports immune health and reduces swelling from allergies, etc.

Holistic massage targeting the muscle fascia through pressure points to get at deep-seated tension. An intense treatment for persistent pain..

Neck Massage

deep tissue massage

for persistent tension


stretch and relax

to open up

Stretching massage to release shortened muscle groups for improved mobility, flexibility, openness, and breathability. Includes exercises for home. Call, WhatsApp, email, or use the contact form to book a session.

A relaxing and rejuvenating treatment. Step out looking like you've just been on holiday. Option to bring your own facial cream.

Facial Massage

facial massage



one-on-one session

Book a one-on-one session to get the most benefit out of your Pilates practice, to start a new practice, or to keep your motivation going. Call, WhatsApp, email, or use the contact form to book a session.

Learn how to take your workout on the road with you or get your exercise wherever you are to prevent injuries and keep your back healthy. Call, WhatsApp, email, or use the contact form to book a session.

High Plank

personal training

with portable equipment

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