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Performance Freedom

“I just want to be able to do what I know I can do.”

You know

you can play well enough to win that audition, if only you could play the way you can in the practice room.

What would it be like to showcase your abilities authentically, unburdened by self-doubt and external pressures?


There is

a whole panoply of tools that can help you chisel away at everything that is not serving you to reveal the consummate artist within.

Unlike traditional audition preparation, our program transcends the conventional by weaving together coaching tools, guided visualizations, resilience training, and physical exercises for a transformative learning experience. You'll benefit from feedback and guidance offered by a certified massage therapist and hypnotherapist, coupled with insights from a principal cellist, professor, and musicians' coach. Together, their expertise comprehensively addresses all aspects of achieving peak performance.

Workshop Elements

Coaching tools for artistic excellence

Identify and defuse intrusive negative thoughts and limiting beliefs through a diverse range of proven methodologies, including The Work of Byron Katie, Martha Beck Wayfinder Coaching, Internal Family Systems, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and more.

ZenFlow guided visualizations for peak performance

Break free from internalized mistakes and shortcomings, connecting deeply with joy and the wellspring of your musical inspiration.

Experience your ideal performance or audition effortlessly through hypnosis-based deep relaxation, redefining your musical narrative.

Masterclass: effortless artistry

Receive feedback from both musical and physiological points of view and explore how dropping the armor in the practice room and on stage leads to a more authentic and fulfilling musical career.

Perform in front of your peers in an unarmored way and experience the transformative difference.

Physical resilience

Learn targeted stretches and strengthening exercises (including Pilates) to cultivate a healthy, balanced relationship with your instrument and practice routine.

Prioritize physical endurance and relaxation, creating a sustainable approach to audition preparation. Go home with a toolbox that equips you with a range of techniques to effectively deal with acute stress, tension, or pain, whether at home or on the road in a hotel room.




intro to freedom

Duration: One day, 6-hour workshop


  • Fundamentals of Coaching Tools

  • Concise Exercise Package

  • Introduction to ZenFlow Visualizations

  • Vulnerability Masterclass (Part I)


freedom essentials

Duration: One and a half days,

9-hour workshop


Comprehensive coverage of:

  • Core Coaching Tools

  • Essential Exercise Package for Strength, Repair, Relaxation, and Acute Stress

  • In-Depth ZenFlow Visualizations: Connection to the Inner Artist

  • Vulnerability Masterclass (Part I)


freedom immersion

Duration: 2 days,

12-hour workshop


In-depth exploration including:

  • A Broad Array of Coaching Tools, with Techniques for Handling the Inner Critic

  • Comprehensive Exercise Package for Strength, Repair, Relaxation, and Acute Stress

  • Advanced ZenFlow Visualizations: Connection to the Inner Artist and Full Audition Experience

  • Vulnerability Masterclass (Parts I & II)

A life-saver for musicians who are suddenly in trouble with pains and injuries. David has helped me on numerous occasions, and enabled me to quickly recover and play again.
Meesun Hong Coleman, violinist, professor, Anton Bruckner University Linz
Spain stretching1.HEIC

Individual paths

Just as every artist has an individual path, we understand that every organization has individual needs. If you're not sure which package fits you best or if you want something designed just for your institution or ensemble, drop us a message. We are happy to create a personalized package that suits your needs and schedule.

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