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workshop for string players,
pianists, and harpists


This 3-hour workshop combines

physical exercises and stretches,

mindfulness practices, and

self-inquiry techniques

to contribute to your resilience

as a professional musician.

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Spain stretching1.HEIC

We will focus on the different physical areas essential to your performance as a musician (neck, shoulders, arms, hands, upper and lower back) and guide you through


  • exercises

  • stretches, and

  • visualizations

that can help you become more aligned with your body’s natural strength and movement, making it easier to support your instrument and/or move more effortlessly to its different registers.

We will be tailoring this workshop specifically to your needs and challenges, which is why we’re asking you to fill out a little questionnaire upon registration.


What you can expect from this experience:

  • A package of targeted exercises and stretches that you can use regularly for pain prevention and treatment

  • A guided exploration of how your thinking influences your physical and emotional states

  • Tools for increased awareness of overuse and tiredness before it’s too late

next workshop:
date TBA, coming soon!


70 EUR/45 EUR reduced (with student ID)

Note: our booking system currently doesn't allow 2 different pricing schemes, so if you are a student, please contact us for the discount and we'll sign you up.

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