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performance alignment

self-empowerment for musicians

violin massage musician David Elge Heilmasseur
Elena Cheah cello life coach

Here's the short version of my story:

I was educated in a culture of perfectionism. I pushed myself hard. I reached some goals, fell short of others. I kept climbing the career ladder as far as I could. Until I realized that the goals I'd already achieved were not in alignment with what I truly wanted as a whole person, not just as a musician. They were a tangled compromise between the things I loved, the things I was good at, and the pressure I felt from the outside world (parents, teachers, peers).

I developed physical symptoms: tendinitis, tinnitus, back pain. My body was trying to share important wisdom with me but I wasn't listening. It took me a long time to learn to really listen, both to myself as a musician and to my body.

When I was studying, nobody talked about questions like how I might want to live, what my values were, what brought me joy (rather than what would bring success, as if success were an objective, quantifiable milestone).

I now have nearly 20 years of teaching experience and have a coaching practice that transcends cultural and generational boundaries. Our Performance Alignment package is a guide to everything I would have liked to offer my younger self:

  • emotional and physical stability

  • a deep connection to your intuition

  • a roadmap to your own personal goals

  • strategies for achieving those goals in a sustainable, joyful way

the performance alignment package includes:

  • 3 group coaching sessions (90 min. each):

    • accessing the body's wisdom​

    • recognizing and defusing limiting beliefs

    • pursuing goals in a sustainable way

  • 4 Pilates classes (50 min. each) for physical stability and more power while performing​

  • 1 personal life coaching session with Elena (50 min.)

  • 1 bodywork treatment/posture analysis with David (50 min.)

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to schedule bodywork and coaching sessions, please contact us individually

Cost of Performance Alignment Package including 4 Pilates classes, 3 group coaching sessions, one bodywork treatment and one life coaching session:

288 €, payable in advance or in two installments by PayPal, bank transfer, or cash. We have space for up to 7 participants and will take applications on a first come, first served basis. All classes will be in English.

Dates are subject to change and will be finalized by 1 September!

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